Secret Invasion: Plot Breakdown and Key Reveals from the Trailer

In the recently released second trailer of “Secret Invasion,” several exciting details about the show’s plot have been unveiled. The trailer gives us insight into the timeline, new character entries, Skrulls’ plans, and the last stand of Nick Fury. Here’s a breakdown of the key revelations from the trailer:

  1. When Secret Invasion Takes Place In The MCU Timeline Confirmed By The Trailer The majority of “Secret Invasion” is set post-Avengers: Endgame, as revealed by Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos. Fury’s return from space confirms that he is back to face a growing threat.
  2. Secret Invasion Hints There’s Still No Avengers The absence of a formal roster of Avengers is hinted at, as Fury claims to be fighting this new conflict alone. However, he has allies such as Maria Hill, Everett Ross, James Rhodes, and Talos.
  3. Nick Fury’s Headstone Is Now Different To The Winter Soldier After the Snap, Fury’s headstone now bears the Bible verse John 15:13, reflecting his new “death” following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  4. Olivia Colman’s Sonya Falsworth Has A Captain America Connection Sonya Falsworth, an old friend of Fury’s, is revealed to be related to James Montgomery Falsworth, a member of Captain America’s Howling Commandos during WWII.
  5. An Alien Discovery Emilia Clarke’s character, G’iah, discovers a room filled with glowing bodies on tables, raising questions about Skrull involvement and a secretive location.
  6. Who Emilia Clarke’s Secret Invasion Character Is Emilia Clarke will portray G’iah, the grown-up daughter of Talos. G’iah’s complex loyalties will be a compelling arc in the show.
  7. Talos Dies?? The trailer suggests that Talos might be in danger, with scenes hinting at his precarious situation.
  8. What Gravik & The Rogue Skrulls Want In Secret Invasion Villain Gravik is leading a group of rogue Skrulls who revolt against Talos, with their own agenda and a large-scale experiment underway.
  9. The Secret Invasion Trailer Teases The MCU’s Super-Skrull Gravik’s abilities, demonstrated in the trailer, hint at him potentially being the MCU’s version of Super-Skrull.
  10. Department Of Damage Control To Be Featured In Secret Invasion Marvel’s Department of Damage Control is involved in the show and might be infiltrated by Skrulls.
  11. The Final Showdown Nick Fury and Gravik engage in a final showdown in a mysterious device, which appears to be crucial to the plot.
  12. “One Last Fight” – Is This Nick Fury’s Final MCU Appearance? Fury hints that this current conflict may be his last, suggesting significant changes to his MCU arc.

“Secret Invasion” will consist of six episodes and premieres on 21 June 2023. Fans can expect an action-packed series filled with surprises, intriguing character arcs, and the potential conclusion of Nick Fury’s journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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