Deadpool 3: A Multiverse Saga Unfolds with Wolverine, X-Men, and Wanda’s Re-Entry in the MCU #SuperTheories EP18


Greetings, fellow SuperFans! I’m Swapnil, and welcome back to another episode of SuperTheories, the podcast where we delve into both sensible and weird superhero theories. Today, we have an exciting theory that revolves around the highly anticipated Deadpool 3 and its potential plot within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The SAG-AFTRA union’s recent strike, along with the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, has brought production to a halt for several projects, including those within the MCU. However, that doesn’t stop us from exploring the fascinating possibilities that Deadpool 3 might bring to the table.

The Time-Traveling Adventure

The theory suggests that after the events of Deadpool 2, our favorite Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, uses Cable’s time machine to alter history. In an unexpected twist, he encounters a dying Logan (Wolverine) in the future. Determined to save his friend, Deadpool uses the time machine to make Logan younger and cure him of his ailment.

However, the rejuvenated Logan fails to recognize Deadpool, leading to a series of events that land them both in the clutches of the TVA’s (Time Variance Authority) Minute Men police force. The TVA, overwhelmed by the emergence of the multiverse, is struggling to keep everything under control.

A Journey Through The Void

In their journey through the multiverse, Deadpool and Logan find themselves in a place known as The Void. Here, they encounter various characters and locations from the Fox universe, including the 2015 Fantastic Four, Lady Deadpool, and Dogpool, who join forces with them.

Fortunately, they catch the attention of Mr. Paradox, a TVA agent and a massive fan of both Wolverine and Deadpool. Through his intervention, they are given a chance to correct the timeline by assisting the TVA in dealing with a chaotic situation in Universe 838.

Enter the Illuminati and Superpowered Wanda

In Universe 838, they face an unprecedented challenge as Wanda Maximoff, possessed by the powerful 616 version of herself, has lost control of her mind and reshaped the world. Magneto, Wanda’s father, leads the new Illuminati in this reality, comprising Fox characters like Daredevil, Elektra, and Sue Storm.

With the help of the TVA and their newfound allies, our heroes wage an epic battle against the Illuminati to restore order. Logan’s mission takes a personal turn when he decides to alter events from X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand, aiming to save Jean Grey and other mutants from their tragic fate.

The Battle for the Multiverse

As the plot unfolds, the multiverse becomes a battleground, with Deadpool and Logan leading an army of Fox characters against 838 Magneto. Tragedy strikes as some heroes fall in the fight, including Lady Deadpool and the X2 version of Logan.

A fierce showdown between Jean Grey and 838 Wanda takes place, resulting in Jean’s victory. In an unexpected twist, Jean offers Wanda the cure, weakening her and leading to their triumph over the Illuminati. In the aftermath, the TVA prunes Universe 838, restoring stability to the multiverse.

Embracing the MCU

As their adventure concludes, Deadpool and Logan are informed that they will be returned to their original timeline. However, Deadpool decides to seize the opportunity to enter the MCU. Uncertain about what to do with them, the TVA throws Deadpool, Dogpool, the X2 X-Men, Future Logan, Mr. Paradox, and 838 Wanda into the MCU.


In this thrilling theory, we explored the potential plot of Deadpool 3, blending the beloved characters of Wolverine and the X-Men with a mind-bending multiverse adventure. The inclusion of Wanda Maximoff’s re-entry from a parallel universe adds even more excitement to this imaginative scenario.

As we eagerly await official updates and the resolution of the ongoing strikes, let’s keep our hopes high for an epic Deadpool 3 that not only pushes the boundaries of the MCU but also brings together some of our most cherished characters from the Fox universe. Until then, stay tuned for more SuperTheories, where we continue to explore the most captivating and intriguing concepts in the world of superheroes. Stay super, SuperFans!

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