WHAT IF…? Breakdown: EPISODE 5: What If…Zombies???


The Watcher starts the story by telling us that Bruce Banner is going to Earth through the Biifrost to warn everyone about Thanos’ invasion. When he arrives in New York City, which is empty, he is confronted by Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw. However, they are stopped by zombie Avengers.

When Hank Pym went into the quantum realm to find Janet van Dyne, he found that she had been infected with a zombie virus. The virus spread and infected many people all over the world. Bucky Barnes, Okoye, Peter Parker, Hope van Dyne, Sharon Carter, and Happy Hogan, who had not been infected, saved Banner. They told him about how they had survived the zombie apocalypse before they saw a message that said there was a cure for the virus.

When they reach the complex, Hope gives herself up so that the others can enter. Vision is there to show them how the Mind Stone’s power can reverse the zombie virus, just like it did for Scott Lang (but he could only save his head). They also find out that Vision has been keeping T’Challa captive to feed to his zombie wife Wanda Maximoff, who is immune to the Mind Stone.

In a moment like Wandavision, but in reverse, Vision realizes his mistakes and removes the Mind Stone from his head, killing himself. This allows the survivors to broadcast its frequency from a base in Wakanda. However, while they are doing this, zombies attack and Okoye, Barnes, Happy, and Sharon become infected.

Banner becomes a fighter to defeat the zombies as Parker goes away with T’Challa and the mind stone. They go to Wakanda, where zombie Chitauri soldiers are waiting, led by zombie Thanos with a almost complete gauntlet.

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