a convenient way to get all 5 stones in Endgame

could they have travelled to a time after Thanos had collected most or even all of the stones already?

my first thought was travel to Titan to prevent Quill from waking Thanos from Mantis-induced sleep. iirc there are only 3 stones then, but get all three at once, relatively easily.

huge move would have been to travel to Wakanda, and go for the head (even just chop his arm off) right before he snaps. they might have then had to convince the avengers of that alternate timeline to let them go with the stones. but i even think with the element of surprise, that team could have appeared out of nowhere, chopped Thanos’ arm off, grab the gauntlet and travel back to the main timeline in a matter of seconds. the real struggle there would have been returning the stones, but at that point they didn’t know that they’d have to return the stones at the exact point they took them. TVA would have maybe needed to restore things

side question. couldn’t they theoretically have had infinite Pym Particles? if the name of the game (name of the Endgame) was go back in time and borrow objects from the past for the future’s sake, why not use one Pym particle capsule to go back in time, even just 10 minutes, to grab 9 or 10 capsules for the future? do that as many times as you want?

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