About the possibility of Spider-Man IV plot…

Well, we all know after what happened to Peter Parker at the end of “Spider-Man III: No Way Home”, he kinda made everyone forgot about him. Especially with his history as part of the Avengers team is kinda forgotten (thanks to Doctor Strange with his ultimate amnesia spell). My question is this:
– Since this movie is gonna be the conclusion of the entire Kingpin arc (from Daredevil Season 1 to Daredevil: Born Again), do you think that there's a possibility for our MCU Spider-Man to later on joining either the Defenders, or going straight to join the Young Avengers in the end?
– Also, do you think that there's a possibility for the MCU to establish their own Sinister Six to not only face the Spider-Man, but also the likes of the Defenders, Echo (Maya Lopez) & the Hawkeye girl Kate Bishop? Because I think this might be work to not only conclude the entire arc of Kingpin, but also have him be the evil mayor of NYC to lead this Sinister Six with the likes of the Bullseye, Scorpion, Shocker, the Prowler & Mr. Negative to takedown all the NYC vigilantes like Spider-Man, the Defenders (Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage & the Punisher), Echo & the Hawkeye girl Kate Bishop.

Hope you guys don't mind with my questions regarding this one.

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