Another idea that comes into my mind right after watching “Deadpool & Wolverine” teaser multiple times.

Man, after I watched it multiple times, it really got me thinking with another “What If…?” scenario here. Yet my idea is kinda involving the previous main villain who died during the Infinity Saga. So, here goes:

What if there's another Post-credits scene in “Black Panther” like this? Apparently it seems there's a squad named Morlocks who somehow found the dead body of Killmonger. And then, they decide to pick his dead body & have an experiment on him, which then they make Killmonger into the 1st ever black Deadpool. Although his mutation won't be similar like how Morlocks did with Wade Wilson, at least it really helps them resurrecting Killmonger & rebrand him as the MCU's evil Deadpool. Also, he might also gets the Deadpool's similar abilities. How do you guys think this might happen then in this Multiverse Saga?

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