Are the Avengers responsible for creating the multiverse because of the invention of time travel?

I've always assumed this was the case, but I want to make sure it's not just me. Tony Stark cracked time travel in Avengers: Endgame which not only brought time travel to the universe for the first time but actually left one unchangeable nexus event in the aftermath (the absence of Thanos' entire army from one point in time including the Black Order, Gamora, and Nebula; the loki escape was fixable by the TVA).

***side note, I understand that Agamotto his successors had the time stone but they were careful not to cause nexus events***

Thanks to the Avengers' invention of time travel using the Quantum Realm, the future Nathaniel Richards was able to cause many more branch timelines which chain reacted into a limitless multiverse. Of course, one version of Nathaniel Richards ultimately took out his all his variants and created the TVA to destroy all timelines and force every event to do the same thing, effectively making one Sacred Timeline. But nonetheless:

Tony Stark's invention of time travel is directly responsible for the existence of the multiverse, correct?

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