Cassandra Nova theory – Deadpool3


So, I was wondering how Cassandra Nova ended up in the Void and then it clicked, Cassandra's backstory was that Professor X sensed an evil with him inside his mother's womb, so he destroyed it, and this evil is actually Cassandra Nova. So, Cassandra was not supposed to happen, and the TVA deals with events that are not supposed to occur, I think that Cassandra's death after birth was an absolute point in every timeline because she'd grow to be too powerful for the TVA to stop, so she got pruned by the TVA after surviving birth and some pruned mutants in The Void cared after her, raising her as their own.


Cassandra will not hate mutants like she did in the comics, instead she will hate the TVA for pruning her. in the comics she convinced Donald Trask III, to activate a pair of enormous wild Sentinels and send them to destroy the mutant homeland of Genosha, killing 16 million mutants however in Deadpool3 I think she will use her telepathy on Alioth and use it to kill the TVA which is supported by the quick shot of Alioth killing a TVA agent in the DP3 trailer.

Why send Deadpool?

It is pretty simple, Deadpool is canonically immune to telepathy because his brain's cellular structure is constantly changing, this renders him immune to telepaths such as Professor X which puts him at a huge advantage against Cassandra while Wolverine might not be completely immune but only the strongest telepaths can control him. With Wolverine being resistant towards telepathy but not quite immune this really makes sense on why Wolverine was fighting Wade at the end of the trailer despite the film's title, maybe Cassandra's mind control takes over Wolverine and then he regains his mental composure throughout the film.

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