Condensed plots to refresh the MCU

I think the only way the MCU could logically introduce new characters without an Avengers level response, or any other superable person at this point, is to do so with a conflict occurring entirely in isolation.

As most of the MCU characters protect coastal cities, not to mention Avengers headquartered on the coasts, there could be an interesting pocket of vulnerability in the heartland of America. Rundown towns litter the US, so why not have an origin story take place in one of those pockets? A place where stark tech is inaccessible and other heroes physically could not reach over the course of the conflict.

We’re constantly being given heroes that are located streets away from each other without any intervention. That makes absolutely no sense and it’s kind of inexcusable that every hero in the vicinity is either ignorant or “has better things going on”. We have one of the widest countries on the planet and the MCU basically takes place on 75-100 total city blocks.

Something as simple as a rinky dinky town bank with a heist gone wrong is all it would take. Some kid who grew up idolizing the avengers is stuck in the bank as one of the hostages and realizes throughout the course of the movie nobody is coming to save them. Has his uncle Ben moment then unleashes fury. The kid then walks out of the bank as the only living person to see the towns ‘full might’, containing 3 squad cars and 5 out of shape LEOs. Realizing the imbalance of security throughout the continental US, a new team is born.

The team and its adversaries really have no choice, but to be spread out allowing for stories to take place in isolation if the story doesn’t call for an all out response.

It doesn’t take an elementary school graduate to realize most of the problems with the MCU could be solved by simply changing the location of the story. Outside of Peter Parker, there is nobody whose identity relies on their zip code.

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  1. adamAlexanderGreen on May 30, 2024 at 1:55 am

    I think the Thunderbolts Movie is gonna fix this problem.

    Especially with the rumors that the world powers will start to collect superpower beings/mutants/Super Soldiers to form thier own Avengers initiatives.

    Canada’s Wepon X Program, Europe has Giah, Talcoan and Namor now on the scene, Timaut island, ect. I think it’s gonna be like a Cold War just with superheroes instead of Nuclear weapons. Perfect metaphor to start leading into Secret Wars

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