Cool idea for how Xmen ’97 ties into Deadpool3

Xmen 97'

The idea is that in the Xmen cartoon Professor X admits that he was born with a twin sibling, and they were both born together however the doctors working on the pregnancy felt a sense of dreadful unease, something was wrong with this baby, so they dialed a mysterious number and some supposed secret service agents from the CIA came in and took her, then to his knowledge proceeding to dispose her. The catch is that this is all shown as a flashback while Professor X narrates it, and the so-called secret service agents look suspiciously like TVA soldiers, they are shown taking Professor X's twin away from their mother while she screams to give her back and then we get a shot of the TVA Agents pruning the baby off-screen with a horrifying baby screech ending the flashback. Later on, in the season Professor X would also have on-screen dreams about a place called The Void looking like an endless grassfield with nothing but rocks and mountains where he meets a woman who looks oddly like him known as Cassandra, she has never uttered a single word to him, yet he somehow knows that name, but these dreams twist into sinister nightmares with a cloud monster consuming the dream.

Deadpool & Wolverine

The idea here is that in Deadpool3 Cassandra Nova has a monologue about how the TVA took her away from her mother and twin brother before pruning her with the intent that Alioth would eat her as a defenseless baby, but some goodhearted mutants saved her and raised her as their own, she also implies she has been trying to communicate with her brother for a long time. Cassandra's motivation would be despising the TVA for what they had done to her and other mutants, so she raises somewhat of a mutant Oligarchy in the void where she rules as the Queen. Cassandra would finally get revenge on the TVA by mind controlling a variety of FOX and MCU characters to defeat them alongside influencing Alioth to target TVA soldiers who intrude The Void.

Ending: Cassandra Nova is killed in Deadpool3 so as a last resort attempt at making a grand comeback, in the DP3 post credit scene we are in Deadpools apartment where an old vintage box VHS TV from the 80s is playing Xmen '97 and it shows some unknown force mind controlling multiple rats in a sewer to create a ratking and then melding them into a flesh mound where it can regenerate into a full being, this flesh mound starts creating a human face but then Deadpool turns the TV off and the credits roll. She will no-longer be an MCU threat, but she will be an Xmen '97 threat where she is set up to be the big bad of one of the Xmen future seasons.

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