Deadpool & Wolverine is going to feature Wolverine vs. Hulk

And i don't mean the cringey Smart Hulk, or a multiverse variant. I mean Age of Ultron Hulk.

Given all the time travel shenanigans we're likely to see, It doesn't seem out of the question that this forest in the trailer is the same one from the opening of Avengers Age of Ultron. So, i think this could mean that while Deadpool is fighting off TVA agents, Wolverine is off clashing with Hulk nearby. Maybe a stretch, but i feel like this scene would be underutilized if not.

I DO NOT KNOW ANY OF THE MORE RECENT DEADPOOL L3AKS SO PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT THEM. Last time i paid any attention to any marvel l3aks was when they said Elektra from the 2005 movie that no one saw was going to be on the new Illuminati of 838 in Deadpool 3. It's all fancanon being taken seriously.

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