Deadpool & Wolverine theory


In The Wolverine there was a deleted post-credit scene where Yukio gives Logan a case with the classic yellow suit, slightly different from what we saw in the set leaks and trailer. In the chronological order, Days of Future Past comes right after, where Wolverine goes back in time, messes with the timeline changing the events, yada yada.


For Deadpool, obviously we're talking about the events in Deadpool 2, where:

  • Cable arrives from the future, and then goes back in time to save Russel from Wade's bullet (he might be pruned too?)
  • Deadpool uses the device to back in time saying that he is "just cleaning up the timelines", creating various branches:
    • he saves Vanessa and Peter
    • he shoots Weapon XI Wade from X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    • he shoots Ryan reading the Green Lantern script

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