Deadpool & Wolverine’s “Cable Friendo Theory”

I haven't seen NEW ROCKSTARS or any other scoop channels mention (yet) that to me the biggest clue that Josh Brolin is returning as either Cable OR Thanos in #DeadpoolAndWolverine is that Deadpool says "friendo" in the opening "pegging" joke.

Friendo as a term of endearment (kinda) was made famous by Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men. He would use the term often before he killed someone.

That film also stars Josh Brolin. Who is the protagonist to Bardem's antagonist in that film.
There is no way that Reynolds would over look that like during a fourth wall break.

It could also be considered a shout out to Brolin, a clue that he's in the movie, or a funny way to say he got screwed out of the movie.

But RR breaking the fourth wall using the word friendo definitely has a bigger meaning.

I could see that being foreshadowing to a Thanos V Deadpool joke.

As well, Brolin said he heard Thanos "might be coming back"

In Friendo we trust.

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