Deadpool3 Theory: Cassandra Nova will possess the MCU

My D&W theory is that Cassandra Nova the evil twin sister of Professor X will use her telekinesis to influence FOX and MCU characters similarly to how Scarlet Witch dream walks into other versions of herself in MOM in order to start an incursion, and Deadpool is tasked by the TVA with killing the Marvel characters that Cassandra has possessed.

  • Avengers 2012: Cassandra Nova influences Steve Rogers during the Chituari Invasion, Deadpool must kill this variant of Captain America on the Avengers Tower before he can fly into the Chitauri portal with the quinjet to start an incursion. Deadpool ends up being successful at killing Cap because Wade fights dirtier.
  • Age Of Ultron: Cassandra Nova influences Hulk during the Battle of Sokovia, Wolverine has a battle with a variant of Hulk in the snowy forest. Hulk ends up defeating Wolverine however it is revealed that since Hulk and Banner are two separate personalities Banner was not affected by the mind control of Cassandra Nova and he shifts back to his human form sparing Wolverine while suppressing the influenced Hulk. While Wolverine is fighting Hulk Deadpool is busy fighting an influenced fleet of TVA soldiers who have tracked them down into Sokovia.
  • Thor Ragnarök: Cassandra Nova influences a variant of Thor during the Ragnarök event on Asgard who plans to start an incursion through the Bifrost, Wolverine and Deadpool must work together to defeat the god of thunder in a vicious battle.
  • Infinity War: Cassandra Nova influences a variant of Thanos to cause an incursion with the Infinity Gauntlet while he is on the planet Titan, by this time Thanos has already killed the Avengers on Titan. Thanos is incredibly cocky against Deadpool especially with 4 infinity stones, but Deadpool creates a diversion by bringing out Cable who he intends to frighten Thanos with since they are both played by Josh Brolin. This plan fails since Thanos is really just amused by Cables impression of his voice, but then out of nowhere Wolverine cuts off his gloved hand with his claws. Just when Deadpool and Wolverine think they have done their job it is revealed that Thanos was using the reality stone to make an illusion of himself, and he proceeds to beat the heroes mercilessly. Just when Thanos thinks he has won Deadpool pulls his last card, he secretly brought a variant of Antman who heroically leaps into Thanos butthole before turning into giant man and imploding the titan.

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