I really hope they do DrDoom right in the MCU, it would be cool if they did a stand alone Doom film or even a tv show on Disney plus, and also do doom correctly not just giving him mutant-like powers like the other movies. I had an idea about it, Baron Mordo was currently hunting sorcerers at the end of DrStrange and it would be cool to switch the Baron that causes his father’s death with Baron Mordo. You could still leave his mom getting killed by Mephisto and set him up as a villain after Kang for a defender spin off in the next phase. Baron could find Victor and want to kill him, his dad goes out saving him, Victor runs off and swears revenge on Mordo and has run ins with Wong or Strange meets Reed somewhere and all that it could work since it’s been 9 years in the mcu since the DrStrange movie. Idk I think that could be a good way to use Mordo in the MCU to introduce Doom.

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