Dreamin’ of Madame Web #itswebbintime

These early reviews and post-screening WOM is so bad, that all my excitement or even hope for the SSU has died… can we all talk about how us as fans would have wanted to see Madame Web? Here's my #dreamscript – please note that I'm not a writer or creative of any kind… just a lifelong fan of Spidey:

With the likes of Dakota Johnson, here an angle I would have liked to explore – what's yours? #itswebbintime:

Madame Web for me didn't have an 'age' and has lived a lifetime. Building on this… maybe throw her origin back to ancient times, a little borrowing from Black Adam, but rooted in Mexico / Mesoamerican region. This now gives her an indigenous mythology to explore and gives her that wisdom that she always carried, as if she lived for centuries.

Her powers are psychic / premonition. If she's now this spiritually attuned character, through time, she has learned to keep time in order. Going back to the time-keeper, and a nod to LOKI. Maybe the time we meet her, she's a gypsy of some sort, and comes into contact with a threat… the circus funhouse could give a cool psychodelic action sequence for her powers and how she see's the world. Maybe this is where we can get a first glimpse of *peter-tingle,* I mean… spidey sense!

So now these creatives wanted a South Asian actor, okay great… but could you have chosen someone better, I hear the voice-over for Tom Holland's Spider-man is well loved (Vaibhav Thakkar) and he sorta looks like him too… and with Spider-Man India being so fun in Spider-verse, maybe he could've been brought over to bring that Spidey-charm that we all love and need in this heavy thriller genre thanks to Madame Web's character.

Now, who's the threat. Sinister 6 is cool, but short sided… this could be the set-up of something Thanos level danger, maybe Knull or something that's lurking while the other live-action Spider-man stories wrap-up… think of this like the set-up for the next phase.

Some inspirations could've been taken from Multiverse of Madness, as the villains would be her ownself.. i mean, it is Dakota Johnson afterall.

And a fun end-credit could've been giving a mission to Spider-Man India as he returns to his timeline, only to have a vision where she see's Tom Holland's Spider-verse fucking with the timeline…

…and wait for it, where would we be without a second end-credit. Maybe this is where the Venon 2 end credit plays, but maybe he breaks the 4th wall and eats up the screen from the island. Silly, and fun way to connect the universe (or maybe throe Kraven a bone).

What would be your dream storyline here?? :sigh:

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