Emperor Stark for What If…? Season 3 villain idea

The episode will be "What If Tony Stark survived his snap?" Instead of sending the stones back where they come from, Tony keeps a hold on them, since the stones continue to haunt him with visions of what the Earth or the universe could become without him. Some years later, he uses the stones to take over the Earth, and attempts to conquer other planets. Fearing another Ultron indicent, the Watcher intervenes to stop Tony Stark, only to be captured by the latter and drained of his powers. With the Watcher out of comission, Captain Carter, along with other heroes introduced in the 3 seasons travel to Stark's universe to stop him. A fight ensues between the team of heroes and Stark's army, where most of the heroes get killed by Stark. In the heat of the battle, Pepper and Morgan are killed in the crossfire. Devastated by what his actions have wrought, he seeks penance for what he has done. The Living Tribunal comes and makes Emperor Stark the new Watcher

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