F4 theory

Looking at the card released on Valentine’s Day shows Easter eggs that implies the film will be set in 1963. They are already established as the fantastic 4 so the incident that gives them their power must have happened prior to this.

We know Howard stark was well established in 1970 and making weapons for the U.S government thanks to end game. we also know he was in possession of the tesseract at a shield compound.

Hank Pym made his discovery of the Pym particle prior to 1970 as this was also housed at the shield compound with the tesseract.

Thanks to a comment made by Red Guardian in black widow he claims to have fought captain America in the 80s and thanks to falcon and the winter soldier we know that there was at least one more super soldier besides Steve Rodgers. This could even have been Steve Rodger’s himself living on 616 timeline as a variant of himself but because he was missing in that timeline he just slipped into his life.

After the creation of the fantastic four we can surmise that Dr Doom also exists in the MCU. And some people even claim that Easter eggs have already been dropped regarding him.

So on to my theory. please bear with me it’s been years since I’ve watched any of these and age is not friendly to memories lol, so I may get a few things confused. I’ve read a few people saying that they believe there is two universes already at play in the MCU earth 616 and earth 199999. Ironman and hulk being set in Earth 199999 timeline and the rest of the MCU being in 616 timeline and that F4 will be set in 199999 timeline hence the time period.

I believe the MCU is setting up for an early attempt at the avengers but something goes wrong. We have MCU confirming particular characters at work around the same time. What if Dr Doom learns that the tesseract is on earth and either he or someone he has at his disposal comes to earth to retrieve it. Dr Doom wanted to better the world but do it by conquering it. The tesseract would have been able to warp his reality and essentially give him his wish. However in order to do so he would have needed to open up a pocket dimension to harness enough power to use the cosmic cube. In an attempt to stop him and with the help of Hank Pym, the fantastic 4 could have trapped Dr Doom in this pocket realm. This could lead to the creation of subatomica, which I believe was an Easter egg in Quantumania. The Fantastic 4 could also get trapped there too. That’s why Hank starts looking into other realms so he could find them but after losing his wife gives up. This could also explain why Dr strange knew about the Fantastic Four in MoM considering they were from another reality but they never get mentioned by other people because they just disappeared out of time. After the fantastic four go missing the rest of the team disband.

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