Franklin and Valeria Richards in the new Fantastic Four movie

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Do you think it would be cool for the MCU to include Franklin And Valeria Richards as "surprise" characters in the Fantastic Four Movie? Giving them something like a small background role but have them introduced early in the film as well just not focused on so much as to not take away time from the lead characters and story…

Do you think this would be a highly likely scenario or extremely unlikely? Probably highly unlikely but i want to hear what others think about it

IMO, On one hand it could make a lot of sense to add them to the lineup being that the two were very prevalent in both the Fantastic Four and FF comic series throughout the entire story leading into Secret Wars 2016, also playing major roles in the story line. (This is based on the HUGE assumption that the Secret Wars movie could be ralated to the comic story – this is 100% assumption though)

BUT… being that the movie will be already having a 4 "main characters" for the most part, it would probably take away from the roles of the main characters/Fantastic Four and would create the need for much longer screen running time for the whole movie if they each had a story going on in the film.


– Would be the first time MCU would have actual children super heroes.

– They could likely market this or whatever or use it as a driving point to show Fantastic Four's whole "family" aspect, one of its biggest traits.

-They could use them for pivotal story points as they were used in comics leading into secret wars (and also post-battleworld multi-verse recreation)

**What other PROS can you think of?


– Finding children with the skills needed to act and play this big of a role in this big of a franchise is probably hopeless

– Adding to that, pulling off the actual insanely ridiculously powerful powers (they would instantly be the most powerful people in the MCU when you think about it lmao) of Franklin and Valeria on-screen would likely be very hard and would take some very creative thinking minds to figure out what to do with them and how to pull it off to make it go well

– If they were included then that means theres another big point about the movie wheres there can be a potential failure to fans/viewers

**What other CONS can you think of?

What do yall think about this??

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