G’iah will have something to do with Sentry in Thunderbolts

I don’t have a ton of ideas for this argument but my thinking is that:

The writers need to do something about G’iah since they basically wrote themselves into a hole here. One way they could do this is have her be the initial object of Val’s agenda in Thunderbolts; she assembles the team to destroy G’iah, who is too powerful not to be controlled by the US exclusively.

Somehow this goes horribly wrong and one of her recruits, a wayward Bon Reynolds with wild powers that aren’t fully understood, absorbs G’iah and her powers, awakening and powering the Void persona.

This is really all I got. It’s weak, I know, but it could solve both the issue of how to sweep this G’iah situation under the rug and offer development for Sentry’s story, at which point the Void becomes a huge fucking deal.

Anyway, looking forward to your thoughts. Thank you

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