How could Norman Osborn could exist in the MCU?

If you can remember, in NWH, Dafoe's Norman discovers that Oscorp doesn't exist, so i believe a Way to bring on Osborn, maybe after Secret Wars.

Norman Osborn

So instead of the Osborn’s downright owning Oscorp they could be entrepreneurs who invest in other peoples technology. That have investments in every tecnology.

Or it's a tech Start-up like Tesla that is set in another country, and Norman is like Musk, like the real Musk, He and his company gets extremely wealthy and powerful, then they buy Hammer Industries, and renames it into Oscorp. Then, Oscorp could specialize in advanced weaponry and military contracts, putting Norman in contact with organizations like S.H.I.E.L.D. or even forming his own private security force, setting up Dark Avengers.

He could begin as a apparently benevolent figure, gradually revealing his darker, psychopathic and sadistic side and descent into villainy.

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