How did Yondu reach Earth without being intercepted by Asgard ?

From my understanding -and I suppose that is where my theories and speculations start- Earth has been living relatively free from alien visits because the planet is part of the Nine realms, under the protection of Asgard and the constant vigil of Heimdall, the guy famously known for seeing everything.

Like, I guess a Skrull incursion would go unnoticed because infiltration is their whole shtick, but Ravagers are pretty infamous in the galaxy. And I can imagine that in a time of political turmoil (basically since Thor 2), Asgard just couldn't protect the Nine realms.

But in the 80's when not much was happening there, how do you think Yondu pulled his heist on Earth ? Do you think he had some diversion going on, maybe paying marauders to shake things up on another realm ? Maybe he got some special cloaking device or a magical artifact to mask his ship from Heimdall gaze ? Or simply, the Nine realms were always too big to manage even for his magic and some ships just slipped from time to time.

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