How I think the XMEN will be introduced into the mcu

There are 3 main ways they could introduce the xmen

  1. They have been in the mcu all along hiding and have the x gene suppressed somehow and since the snap the x gene has been activated

    2.make it some sort of timeline reality merge, for example the only way the mcu universe can exist is if other universes (xmen,fantastic 4, maybe a universe with venom in it) join the mcu stopping them from being broken timelines this is the most likely in my opinion but the problems with this would be, what about the population of other universes join the mcu would it triple which would be a problem.

  2. The xmen and the fantastic four have to leave their universe or it gets destroyed so the young avengers or doctor strange lets them sort of merge and migrate into the mcu this way they could have freedom to cast anyone they want because it would be from a seperate universe also deadpool 3 would be a good time to introduce the new xmen and fantastic 4

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