How would you feel…

if at the end of this current phase, everything was rebooted. Like it ends with a whole multiverse reset. Where everything is merged into one universe and the MCU gets a sort of reboot, without the multiverse/time hopping plot? Give it a 2-3 year break, develop everything, leave plot threads open? Endgame was great but it also introduced the worst aspect (in my opinion), of the entire MCU; multiverse. By aiming the stakes so high it feels like nothing else really matters. Let's make death mean death. Let's make certain plot points mean something.

I don't know. That's why the stakes were so high with the infinity saga. I just want to be attached to characters again. I want plots to amount to something. We can have a blank slate with new (or old) characters. Everything just feels to grand.

Or just have more contained, personal stories. Guardians 3, I think benefited from not having universal stakes. It was a more confined feeling. Hell, even Avengers, Age of Ultron, and Civil War had more personal stakes, as opposed to grand universal implications. I just want stories to matter again.

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