I am 1000% convinced natasha is still alive

someone else has probably said this before me but i just realized it now so sorry if yall have already heard this. anyway, so the rules for the soul stone are “a soul for a soul”, and natasha sacrificed her soul so clint could get the stone; her soul for the soul stone. BUT steve put back all the stones, including the soul stone, and since one soul (the soul stone) was given then according to the rules he would get another soul in return which means he would get natasha’s soul back!! so natasha is alive!!! also she could be stuck in vormir but steve totally would’ve given her the pym particles that he was supposed to use to go back to 2025 so she could go back instead. and so, she is alive on earth and for whatever reason just isn’t telling anyone. and even if she isn’t on earth she could still be alive on vormir or another planet.

i have thought this through meticulously and i seriously can’t think of a single way this isn’t true. if someone does think of a way to disprove this please tell me because otherwise i am fully expecting her to reveal herself in the next avengers movie.

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