I know they have nothing to do with each other, but it would be a great introduction for MCU Mr Negative to lead a reforming Hand.

The Hand is always looking for a Black Sky. Forgetting about the fact that Venom is literally a black creature from the sky, that sounds like a strange description of Mr Negative. It would make sense with Mr Negative being a Chinese immigrant, and the Hand originating from Kun-Lun, hidden in the Chinese Mountains. Maybe he stumbled across Kun-Lun on his way out of China—though it wouldn’t make sense for him to climb a mountain to get out of China, but whatever—and they took him in for a bit, where he discovered a strange branch of Chi, the Darkforce. I haven’t seen Cloak and Dagger, yet, but maybe someone who has could give info on their explanation of the Darkforce, to see if it could make canon sense. Then, he joins the Hand, and the events of the Defenders series plays out. He survives, with the small remnants of remaining members, and they look for a way to regain power. He learns to master his new Chi, and enchants his now followers with it, before shared visions bring him under lead of an Oni, who is the origin of the dark version of Chi.

Now, with ties to street level Marvel, the Defenders, and ties to mysticism, possibly there to FINALLY introduce Mephisto or the Midnight Suns, they could be villains of a new Iron Fist show, Shang-Chi, or Spider-Man. Though, like another theory post stated earlier today, they’d need to introduce him as a friend of Peter’s, like in Insomniac’s universe, in Spider-Man 4. Maybe working for a charity that Peter helps, or, as suggested in the post, a professor at his college. Maybe he could teach philosophy, where we could have unique, slightly pessimistic takes of his. He could befriend Peter, maybe some of what he says gets to him through the new situation from the end of NWH. Maybe a story of perseverance, in reference to his immigration leading to Kun-Lun, and the collapse of the Hand leading to the Demons. Then, he could be a villain of Spider-Man 5, or maybe the final villain of the new trilogy. It’s rumoured that Spider-Man 4 will include a Devil’s Reign story, and maybe that could lead to Mr Negative having an alliance with Kingpin, in hopes of gaining power. Or, even a rivalry, resulting in a Gang War storyline.

And, to add a cherry on top, if they redeem him, he could join the Midnight Suns, and the villain of that could be the Oni. Thoughts?

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