Idea for redemption ark set-up in Fantastic 4

What If… Galactus arrives to Earth during the peak of the Fantastic 4 in the 1970s and Reed Richards straight up knows there's nothing even his team could do against this force of nature. The film would introduce Silver Surfer as the forefront villain of the film attempting to sabotage the Fantastic 4 while they make a rocket ship capable of concussing Galactus with gravitational waves while John F. Kennedy is hyping them up to be the world's greatest saviors after being launched off of his space station on live television. Skeptics and scientists slowly debunk Reed's plan which he denies but the other Fantastic 4 members start to succumb to the same skepticism realizing their elastic teammate may be up to something. During liftoff Reed reveals there is no point in trying to stop a hurricane from hitting a town or so to speak, so the rocket propels away from Earth, nations watching television are baffled at the sight of their beloved heroes ditching them before Galactus eats their planet as the Fantastics watch in horror, meanwhile Reed accelerates into hyperspace and then uses some quantum channeling technology to find a new timeline which is the MCU's Earth616.

Reed would be portrayed as sort of an anti-hero in this film caring about his family more than society, but he'd go on to regret his decision holding the fate of his home world as an overwhelming burden and he'd go onto redeem himself as one of the centric heroes of Kang Dynasty/Secret Wars. Additionally, Dr Doom made plenty of time machines in the comics, so it'd be great if Doom was the only villain that survived from their original universe, and he tracked the Fantastic4 into 616 with his own time machine which is why he becomes their arch nemesis.

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