Idea for Ultron twist in Secret Wars

This twist would bring back a memorable villain that old audiences are familiar with and make them into the big bad of Secret Wars.

Red Herring:

In earth 616 in the main MCU timeline a holographic projection of RDJs Tony Stark manifests back in New York city like a ghost from the past, he calls an emergency meeting with the remaining original Avengers explaining that he had transferred his consciousness onto a digital network sustained by Stark Industries right before he snapped in Endgame. He enlightens the Avengers of his plan to defeat the Kangs, giving them the mission build a quantum reactor and steal the multiversal power core from a Kang variants timeship which can be inserted into the reactor and thus used to delete every Kang variant from every point in history.

Plot twist:

The Avengers successfully get a hold of the multiversal power core and insert it into the quantum reactor, Starks hologram suspiciously explains that he needs the Avengers to connect his consciousness to the reactors database so he can manually activate the variant elimination program. After the Avengers have done this the quantum reactor begins to illuminate red with an electronic buzz, Jarvis releases an emergency broadcast across the building before his voice is distorted and shifted into a familiar voice, Ultrons voice. The Avengers realize the mistake that they have made, \"Deactivate the system!\" Scott yells, \"It's too late the program has initiated!\" Banner hopelessly proclaims.

Before the Avengers can do anything else, Ultron emerges from the quantum reactor in a finite empowered form, fueled with the limitless power of multiversal energy. The threat of Ultron has been looming for many years even after the AIs defeat during the battle of Sokovia, but it has been waiting for the perfect time to strike. The threat of an Ultron soaked in the energy of the multiversal power core makes for a threat of unconceivable proportions, so dangerous in fact that it surpasses the threat of Infinity Ultron to an unknown degree.

Planet-Ultron: The battle of worlds

Ultron uses his unlimited power to warp the multiversal tree into one singular planet melded by hyper complex machine, he forces every variant to create their own country in order to fend for themselves as the omnipotent AI rules overall and watches anarchy ensue while he watches over his vision of the perfect existence, for the first time in history Ultron finally feels something, accomplishment.

Maybe Loki has something to say about this?

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