Is Doctor Doom already in the MCU?

In the Multiverse of Madness, Reed Richards mentions his wife and children, as an appeal to Wanda.

Considering Doom is the Godfather of Valeria (Reed Richards' daughter), and helped deliver her and has a close relationship with her. Then wouldn't it be safe to assume, Doom is in 838?

838 has elements from all sorts in it.

Our Reality, for example; a Xena: Warrior Princess statue in Illuminati building. Modelled on Lucy Lawless.

The Comics, example; Illuminati.

Standalone Marvel productions, example; Inhumans (which are now considered MCU).

MCU, example; Avengers.

Fox, examples; X-Men & FF.

So Doom being there, wouldn't exactly be out of place. And from 838 they can produce a backstory for him in the MCU. Like…being apart of the Illuminati?

What's your opinion?

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