Is the Time Heist public knowledge?

Ever since Endgame released and Far From Home followed up on it, I always wondered if the Time Heist / Time Travel was kept secret from the public. And to add on top of that, were they aware of Thanos' death in 2018, and if so, how did they explain his reappearance in 2023? Did they just assume he blipped himself?

The Avengers were given credit for the Blip and resurrecting the ones Thanos erased, but I have never once heard anybody post-Endgame mention time travel. And the characters who did time travel never bring it up, and nobody seems to ask how the Avengers did it. (I tell a lie, I'm pretty sure Quill / Gamora / Nebula have a brief conversation about how Gamora in Vol. 3 is from the past and not the current timeline, so I'll just assume Rocket / Nebula told the Guardians about the Time Heist and such). It's dangerous technology, I am fully aware, and having a villain take control of this tech could be a brilliant storyline at some point, but I'm just curious how the Avengers justified / explained what happened directly after the Blip.

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