I’ve got a theory. Hear me out.

Recently I’ve seen a lot of people talking about the Young Avengers, Midnight Sons, MCU Illuminati. I don’t think all of them are going to get their own solo movie or project to start out with. Here’s what I think. TLDR at the bottom of the post.

• Infinity War had a LOT of moving pieces all at once. The fact they were able to balance it, and still charm the audience, was what made it work. All these teams they had set up split into smaller fractions to go on separate missions. I think they should do something like this with Kang Dynasty but on a bigger scale. I know an opinion is to split it into multiple movies. In fact, that’s what they’ve been discussing.

Now, this is the part where I say “hear me out”.

•Multiple movies all going on at the same time. There’s so many different characters that have been introduced already in the last few years, and are going to be introduced soon. I say, they take the infinity war rout where multiple things are going on all at once, but split it into two movies. That way the audience isn’t trying to piece it all together in one sitting, and instead can watch one half at once, and the other half at once. Like, let’s say that in infinity war Thor and the guardians had had their own movie, in space, while the earth fraction of the Avengers had their own movie on the ground.

•They could do this with either just Kang Dynasty leading into Secret Wars, or both Kang Dynast and Secret Wars have multiple movies for their respective chapters. I think that the first “half” of Kang Dynasty should take place in “our” MCU 616 universe, with all of our hero’s splitting up to cover more ground, that would include the Young Avengers Team becoming established as a team to protect one major city, probably NY.

•It could also establish the Midnight Sons, the West Coast Avengers, and our new Official Avengers team. Maybe even an Illuminati. Then, the more “out there” heroes, that being the Guardians of the galaxy, Midnight Sons, the Marvels, (the Illuminati), and main Avengers team split off at the beginning of the movie to traverse the Multiverse, while the more grounded teams, WC Avengers, Defenders, Young Avengers, and probably Thunderbolts stay and try and help protect Earth. They could even introduce Alpha Flight. I do think however, that these teams wouldn’t be official until after Secret Wars.

•So, here’s one group the audience can focus on in one movie, while the audience can focus on the other in a different movie. Maybe even at the same time. Big money if Marvel could figure out how to release them both at the same time, with fans taking 4 or 5 hours out of their day to sit through one movie and immediately go and watch the other half. The Snyder cut did alright.

•Have both movies start off with the same first 30 minutes, but once the groups split, two completely different films. But they both take place at the exact same time. Same events going down but from multiple different perspectives, just split into two movies.

Boom, there’s my theory. If they could figure out how to make it work, it could potentially be one of the most ambitious and successful phenomenons in cinematic history. Big risk, but if done just right, even bigger reward. Plus, think about the DVD bundles. “OWN ALL OF KANG DYNASTY IN ONE BUNDLE-MULTIPLE DISKS, ALL 5 HOURS PLUS 1 HOUR OF DELETED SCENES AND BTS FOOTAGE-THE DIRECTOR’S CUT-THE EXTENDED EDITION” think of the merchandise.

The multi-part themed posters, the Lego sets that if you collect all of them, they combine into one big one. Hell, even the comic tie ins would make us comic readers happy, aside from the movie only audiences. And, if they went this rout, each different movie could be of its own genre. The earth fraction could feel grounded and gritty. The multiverse faction could feel trippy and science fictitious, a midnight sons fraction could have horror elements.

TLDR; multiple movies taking place at the same time to set up multiple different teams post-big crossover. Instead of doing a two parter, it would be more of a 1/2-2/2 deal, where the different stuff going on is just multiple layers of the same event from different perspectives.

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