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Is Mojo in the X.A.U also K.E.V.I.N in the M.C.U?

I was watching she hulk recently again and couldn't help but notice that the show has a bit of a weird way of shifting and changing half way through, making it seem a bit like a TV show which is Mojos whole thing making me think mojo could've been controlling the MCU the whole time making the MCU just another show he's been trying to get off the ground like in Xmen Animated S02E11 Mojo vision also it would explain the overly dramatic choice by Thanos to snap half of all people away instead of double the resources (lol) it seems perfect for Mojos TV world for it to be so dramatic it would also explain why the MCU is so close to the comics verbatim yet just different enough for the modern audiences to be into it. Maybe that's why all things since endgame have been so comic accurate because they are trying to merge the distinct, streamlined, modernized MCU with the comic accurate Xmen Animated Universe and the ending of The Marvel's is feeling closer and closer to revealing that and the Deadpool 3 trailer might be teasing a Dr Strange tie in. If that's the case it may also be related to the Xmen from universe 838 Multiverse of Madness which could also end up being the X.A.U further solidifying the idea that the Xmen are closer to either fighting the MCU or joining it.

Bonus: Maybe Kang from "Xmen Animated S02E14 Beyond Good and Evil" is a variant of Lokis Kang and will be involved in season 2 or 3 of Xmen '97 and we'll see the Xmen (and possibly the fantastic four) building the TVA in the animated show and see everything finished in the movies like Avengers 5 or 6.

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