Kang variants weren’t the only things HWR was protecting the Multiverse from

Warning: Possible spoilers for The Marvels

So after watching Loki and The Marvels trailers (still haven’t watched the movie yet), I’ve came up with a theory that with the Multiverse opening up and worlds colliding (which I think was hinted at in The Marvels trailers but I might be wrong) that we might also learn more about who He Who Remains was afraid of other than his variants.

Along with his evil variants, I have a theory that he was also trying to prevent other beings from existing in the Sacred Timeline as he believed that they and any of their variants were a threat to either himself or the entire Multiverse.

One of the beings I think he was trying to keep out of existence is Franklin Richards. Franklin Richards in the comics is definitely a huge threat and in the comics, he has restored the Multiverse after an event called the Incursion happened. This is exactly what HWR stands against and he most likely knows that Franklin is a huge threat to his Sacred Timeline and would take measures to prevent anything and anyone from restoring the Multiverse. So he would decide that while building the Sacred Timeline, he would also make sure to prune any timeline where Franklin is or will exist. As a byproduct, this would also include some universes with Franklin’s parents and their teammates in the Fantastic Four being pruned as well and there is no Fantastic Four in the Sacred Timeline. I also think that if the rumors are true that the Fantastic Four movie will take place in a separate universe, then I believe that this theory will make a lot more sense.

The other two beings I believe he was trying to get rid of are the Scarlet Witch and Jean Grey. Not necessarily get rid of them by themselves since we see Scarlet Witch exist in the Sacred Timeline, but more like he was trying to keep them separated. I believe that he was trying to get rid of any universe where these two exist together because those universes were always threats to the entire Multiverse. To explain this, in the comics and almost every universe she’s in, Jean Grey becomes the host of the Phoenix Force and she’s known as it’s most powerful host. Not only that but it seems like her becoming the Phoenix host is a Canon Event, a universal constant. The Phoenix Force’s rival has also been known to be the magical force known as Chaos Magic. The two forces have always been polar opposites, Yin and Yang, and as a result it seems like this has caused Scarlet Witch and Jean Grey as well as other Phoenix Hosts to be rivals and in every single universe where Scarlet Witch and Jean Grey exist together, the two cosmic forces always get into a battle that not only threatens that universe but threatens to destroy the entire Multiverse. As a result, it was decided that HWR and the TVA automatically pruned any universe where these two were together and they only existed in universes where one of them existed but not the other and if the two did exist in the same universe, one of them didn’t have powers at all. This was shown in X-Men: Days of Future Past in a deleted scene where it shows that there is a Scarlet Witch that exists as Quicksilver’s little sister but she has no powers as opposed to the Jean Grey of that universe. Another part of this theory is that another Canon Event is Jean Grey joining the X-Men so it seems like when HWR made a Sacred Timeline with a Scarlet Witch and no Jean Grey, he also made a Sacred Timeline with no X-Men. However, I do hope I’m wrong that X-Men do actually exist in the MCU.

There’s also a couple of beings who I think he was trying to keep out of the Sacred Timeline but I have yet to either make a coherent explanation as to why or I just don’t completely think he was worried about them such as Doctor Doom, Blue Marvel, and Knull.

With all of this being said, I feel like with HWR gone I hope this theory is true because if it is true that they’re trying to get away from the Kang storyline, this might also show us what threats HWR was trying to stop when preventing the Multiverse from emerging.

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