So if they are recasting Kang and keeping him as one of the main villains then I have an interesting idea that could make that work since we've already been introduced to Jonathan Major's Kang.

This could be an end credit scene or at the very beginning of a movie

Alright so it goes from a black screen to us seeing a giant wall of TV's or maybe a giant desk with multiple computer monitors. We see all the different variants(Majors) being killed off by the heroes of the MCU or the TVA. It pans through all of the screens until the camera shows us the back of the person that is watching. This person has a suit that's very similar to Kang the Conqueror but it's a mistake to assume that he's the same man from Ant-Man 3. The camera keeps panning around until we see the face of whoever gets recast and we find out that he is Kang Prime. He has been manipulating every variant of himself so that they could try to conquer the multiverse. While the variants are doing this for power, Kang Prime only wants to see which heroes or villains are strong enough to take these variants down. He walks out of his office which is made to the likeness of the Citadel in Loki and we see he is on a barren planet that he has deemed as Battleworld. This leads to Secret Wars taking place.

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