Loki related, though not exactly mcu

This is more about a theory the show inspired as opposed to direct MCU content so if it needs to be taken down, I understand. Spoilers for the end of Loki if you haven't seen it yet.

The show wraps with the god of mischief gathering fistfulls of timelines together like ygdrassil, sitting upon the chair of the former manipulator of events, and revitalizes and watches over all the timelines of the multiverse.

In a way, he stepped outside the boundaries of the story in order to safeguard the in-universe fabric of reality.

This inspired a whole train of thought about what happens to the gods after the point where there are no more stories.

Conceptually, while it's fun to play with, I've never been big on the faith manifesting deity thing, a la "dark of the gods" or "American gods." Should deities exist the way they do in mythology or fiction would all but have to be more than tulpas. Even from a fan fiction perspective, I can't grasp the idea that a demiurge that

I like the idea that the gods ascend to some sort of necessary task or fundamental function of physics or the universe. The idea that the "god of stories" loki exists outside of the narrative, but the narrative can continue to exist because of him feels like an unintentional nugget of truth to me. Like, we have a finite number of stories about Zeus anthropomorically seducing women because he ultimately had to leave our plane and narrative, for example, to in a very literal sense be the electromagnetic footprint of Jupiter and pull space rock away from our little planet. Ouranos is still around, as the literal ozone layer, right where he was left by his children to be the dome of the sky.

I don't for a second presume to preach that marvel movies have the ultimate answers for anything. But as a means of rereading the old myths, or simply building your own mythological fiction, does this seem like a viable school of thought to anyone else

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