MJ IS spider man’s girlfriend?

Everyone forgets who peter is, but are still very aware of spider man so any memories with peter masked up remain unaltered and the ones without the mask are able to be remembered but any identification connected to peter is forgotten sense he kept his mask on for the first part of the movie that means MJ is still able recall everything right up until he takes off the mask so thats: the swarm of people asking if she's spider man's girlfriend, the entire swing through the city, arriving at what is now known as "spider man's aunt's" apartment, being spider man's guy in the chair with ned and are both referred to as "friends of spider man" for a good chunk of act I

This might be a reach but, after the mirror dimension fight he jumps through the portal with his mask on but takes it off after a few seconds. later, after threatening the lives of the 5 villains the lizard drops this line "no way thats his girlfriend theres no way" with peters existence basically erased MJ would remember spider man jumping through a portal and removing his mask but cant remember the face but with lizard's comment, she knows who ever it is behind the mask must be a love interest

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