Monica Rambeau is a Mutant

This post contains spoilers for The Marvels.

I've seen various posts theorizing that Carol and Monica are mutants because they both had their powers activated by something related to an Infinity Stone. I am neither convinced nor interested in that idea. Here is a different type of theory that collects current evidence across both the MCU and recent developments in the comics that imply Monica Rambeau is a mutant, and always has been.

In chronological order:

  • In episode 5, after Monica is kicked out of the Hex, she is being given an X-ray, then she sighs and asks the nurse if she is cleared. She is clearly displeased by the process, but hey, maybe she has her reasons.
  • After getting up, she looks around the room and asks where her uniform is, then is greeted for the first time by Woo and Darcy, who welcome her back. Even though she was kicked out at night, it's the middle of the day at this point. All of this tells us she was unconscious during her recovery. This will be important later.
  • After the conversation, the nurse tells her that something went wrong with the X-ray because it came out bright white (presumably because her light powers messed with it). One could argue her light powers are just beginning to manifest a little bit due to being in the Hex once, but in the context of all this other evidence, I think it might be pointing to something bigger.
  • After the X-ray malfunction is mentioned, the camera intentionally pans to Monica's face, where her expression immediately drops.
  • Additionally, the nurse says "I need another blood draw" when asked about her lab results. Later we will see they detected something wrong in her blood. Maybe a hint at the Hex affecting her, but again, I think it works better in this new context with our other evidence.
  • In response to both the X-ray and the blood result, Monica gives an awkward, clearly dismissive laugh and says "No. We're done here," refusing to have her blood drawn. Everyone else in the room is visibly confused by her reaction. She then leaves the room, irritated. Monica is not at all concerned about these strange phenomena; in fact, she instead wants the conversation to be dropped entirely. Note that her blood would have been drawn for the first time while she was unconscious. Would she have refused if she was awake?
  • In the next episode, Darcy tells Monica "Hayward has your blood work." we see Monica's expression immediately drops at the topic being brought up again. Darcy says the Hex rewrote her cells on a molecular level. But… did it? Darcy only has the one blood sample to look at. This still leaves open the possibility that Monica's cells/genes were always like this.
  • As you'd expect, Monica just looks around the room awkwardly and proceeds to dismiss the results again. Now Darcy and Woo are visibly concerned by this reaction, but they don't say anything. Once again, Monica does not want to talk about it.
  • In the next episode, Monica attempts to enter the Hex using the space rover, which ultimately fails, Monica escapes the vehicle, and the rover is sent flying. At this point, Monica looks at the Hex, looks back, and despite everyone telling her no, she confidently says "I can get through." Why was she so confident?
  • Next I'm going to explain some stuff from the comics. In her original introduction in 1982, Monica gained her powers after being accidentally exposed to extra-dimensional energy in an explosion. However, in Nextwave (2006), it was revealed that Monica always had her powers before the accident, being able to use them as a kid (this wasn't canon then, but it was retconned to be 616 canon in the years following). In her most recent run, it was explained that although Monica knew she had powers, she suppressed them out of fear, unwilling to use them until it was absolutely necessary (aka, the accident. or in this case, the Hex).

  • And yes, she was revealed to be a mutant.
  • This is all to say that when she walked through the Hex, she was not getting powered up, culminating in her new abilities. She always knew she had these powers, avoiding anything that could reveal them in her DNA (as Bruno did), until she knew she had to use them to save Wanda, which is why she had the confidence that she could enter the Hex despite its CMB spectrum (her specialty) blocking everything else. Even Wanda is seriously confused as to how she was able to get through.
  • Other out-of-universe reasoning includes the fact that Marvel has spent this phase attempting to discreetly introduce mutants throughout different projects in preparation for the future. Additionally, this serves the common narrative trope that while audiences were led to believe that Monica's power was derived from Wanda, being empowered by the mind stone, or by chaos magic, this is actually her power, and always has been. Carol Danvers (and many heroes derived from white/male predecessors) went through the same arc in the comics, when it was revealed that her power was actually always her own, and not gifted to her by Mar-Vell.
  • When Monica comes out of the Hex, she doesn't seem particularly surprised by her new abilities. She naturally turns her EM vision on and off, uses it to identify Agatha's magic around Ralph's necklace, and allows bullets to pass through and slow down in her body. All of this somehow happens despite her allegedly never having powers until this point. I always thought her lack of regard or amazement to her own new powers was the result of awkward, clunky writing, but when you consider the idea that she's been familiar with them for awhile, or at least knew of them, her behavior in this episode makes a lot more sense.
  • Not only is she confident enough to directly challenge Wanda, but after showing off her powers to her, and calming her down, she says "I can’t control this pain anymore. And I don’t think I want to, because it’s my truth." It's a bit weird referring to her mother, but when you keep her mutation in mind, it actually very aptly summarizes her character arc and how she viewed her mutant powers growing up in Ewing's recent comic run. After giving that statement, the camera simply lingers on Wanda's face for a multiple seconds, almost like Wanda is giving a look of understanding. Are we seeing a mutant recognize a fellow mutant?
  • Finally, in The Marvels, Monica tells Carol that she got her powers from the Hex. However, I'm not fully convinced she's telling the truth here. Comics Monica hid her powers from everyone, and MCU Monica has also been hiding her powers from SWORD during the tests.
  • Here are two clips of Monica, side by side. The first clip is from WandaVision, when she decides to lie to Wanda. The second clip is from The Marvels, where she tells Carol "when" she got powers.

Clip 1 (1:24):

Clip 2 (0:57):

  • Although her reaction in the first clip is much more pronounced, I think we can see a pattern in how Parris communicates that her character is lying. In the first clip, when telling a lie, Monica briefly pauses during her sentence, blinks rapidly, shakes her head while speaking, and breaks eye contact to look downward before blinking to look up to who she's addressing again. These are all common tells for lying that actors tend to use in their performances. She does not do this in other scenes. She does all of these in the second clip, albeit much quicker.

So Carol asked "when" she got powers, and Monica's response was portrayed as a lie.

Lastly, in the post-credits scene of The Marvels, Monica wakes up in the X-Mansion, surrounded by computers showing not only her vitals but brain scans as well. Why was Monica of all characters chosen to meet the X-Men? Will they discover something during those tests she had? We will see.

Let me know what you think. I think this is all a deliberate attempt to set up Monica's X-gene reveal in the future, so that fans would be able to rewatch old content and catch all the hints that were there the whole time.


Here is some additional evidence from the script:

In Previously On, after Monica, Woo, and Darcy are kicked out of the SWORD base by Hayward, this scene was supposed to happen:

Sudden flashes of light invade her vision. Electric bolts, wavy lines, all manner of visual chaos.

This is a clear description of her EM spectrum vision seen after she goes through the hex in Episode 8. Why is she experiencing it now, in Episode 6? Why isn't she concerned about what she just saw? Why does she act like everything is fine when her friends ask about it, changing the topic entirely? She doesn't even answer Darcy's question.

By the end of the series, almost the entire cast of WandaVision went through the same Hex experience as Monica had by Episode 6. Are we supposed to believe that everyone who went in and out of the Hex once is also experiencing faulty X-rays, light-emitting cells, and full-on EM vision? Of course not!

To me, this is further evidence, in addition to everything else in the list above, that (1) Monica was a mutant before going through the Hex, (2) Monica knew she was a mutant, and (3) Monica actively attempted to hide/suppress her powers until she had no other choice, as they were the key to saving Wanda.

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