Mr. Sinister as the Main Big Bad of Marvel Studios first X-Men Movie

Mr. Sinister is Fiege’s choice as the Main Antagonist for the first X-Men movie by Marvel Studios. The Rumor is that the 4th Quarter of Next year Pre-production will begin and the MCU X-Men will be formed before Secret Wars.

The reason why Mr. Sinister would be a logical and refreshing choice instead of Magneto or Brotherhood of mutants again:

  1. Mr. Sinister is an obsessive Geneticist who has Dozens of mutant abilities. This can give us an actor with a Psychotic range of emotions and obsessive tendencies. A story revolving around the actual X-Gene and its implications on why Mutants have just now started popping up post Endgame. And have a much more interesting display of Mutant abilities, since Sinister collects powerful mutants to increase his powers.

  2. A Sinister focused villain will by default give us more time with Jean & Scott. Giving opportunity for Marvel to get Cyclops & Jean’s relationship and leadership roles more time to flourish and be executed well

Lets say, Sinister’s Growing fascination with the X-Gene and Mutants, leads him to become a serial kidnapper of Mutants. With themes of the standard Mutants fighting racial superiority, it can also explore deeper storytelling like Human trafficking. Sinister With a goal of becoming a more superior Mutant being, attempts to kidnap Jean & Scott and other Student’s at the Mansion. Xavier sends his best students to rescue them. Through the film, the X-Men have to overcome thier fears and Mutant abilities to work together to get thier Fellow Students. With a 2nd antagonist being friends for humanity using black market weaponry. A sub plot could be that Trask is using stolen Stark tech to implement into his sentinel program. Just a theory but a good bases and start to expanding the X-Men within the Modern MCU world. The Sequel can be Magneto & Sentinels. But for a refreshing start into the MCU, I think this a a great way to go

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