My FF4 MCU theory

So here's my theory for the ff4.

They were first SWORD agents to try to use the jump gates. They were lost. Thought forever. They went to negative zone. Time is different. They meet some of the ants that hank pym left in the quantum world that went there due to quantum vortices. They are attacked and find their powers. Leaving one any scarred…(annihilus)

The villain from the Marvels did her thing and it somehow rattled them loose and they were able to get out with Reed's intelligence. They escape into a universe. The universe that Scarlet Witch destroyed. There, the meet the ruler of the Earth. A desolate world ruled by an iron fist. It looks like it's Doom. But it's actually John Krazonskis Reed. It's that world. He's the Maker. And he tells them he brought them here to help get revenge on the world that left them to rot. They join only to get them to their home universe as Pedro Reed thinks he may be their only chance here to get back. They join and plan to change sides or they try to stop him and fail. Maker opens the portal to our Earth. And that will end their movie.

Doom will not be part of the trip through the gates. He will be chosen to stay behind and his method would've worked. It was Reed's mistake that led them to a failed mission. He then works knowing his solution was correct but gets stumped on return since he has never gone through the gates. He goes through on the second trip and comes back in a coma. He is labeled not fit for duty and he leaves on a Dr strange like trip to find a magical solution to his problems. It's why we were still studying the gates with Rambeau in Marvels

The Maker will fail with the ff4 help and maybe Dr strange. Doom will find some tech dropped by maker and maybe even some of the tech from wakanda, Stark, the celestial from eternals, Atlantis, and the last thing he needed was the tech of a different universe as a marker or something. Then he'll use it to trap and contain Wanda. He feels she destroyed his country, Slovakia used to be Latveria. He's related to zemo. With Wanda, he kills Kang and makes battle world

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