My new theory : Avengers : Kang dynasty is going to end with Kang being exiled by the council of Kangs in the past, in the quantum realm , it’s here that’s he finally meet Janet here.

Kang ask to scott if he killed him before after discovering that he is an avenger , he even mention a guy with the hammer talking probably about thor , what if he killed the avengers of the mcu in the future and not only the variants.

Here is my theory :

The kang of quantumania is maybe dead but the past version of himself is not .in avengers : Kang dynasty, the main villain will be past version of the kang of ant man and the wasp quantumania , the mcu Kang , avengers kang dinasty will show the origin story of this kang , how he discovered the multiverse in the 30th century , how he has discovered the existence of multiples variants of him, how he meet ramona renslayer but something happened that made him become a conqueror, the multiverse war begin in Kang dinasty and the movie end with the mcu kang being exiled in the past in the quantum realm by the council of kangs .

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