My theory on the new mcu fantastic four movie based on the fantastic four rumors.

I still hope the rumor of them coming from an alternate universe to the MCU is false but if this is true , here my theory , with this , this can still be technically a mcu movie :

The fantastic four will still be from a alternate universe ( and in the 60s ) ,they have been the fantastic four since 1961 ( three years since they are in 1963 and they have already their two childrens . Some of the villains they fought get referenced.

But the part in this alternate universe only last one hour, galactus and this version of silver surfer who is shalla Ball instead of Norrin radd appears , there is also incursions.

Their earth get destroyed by Galactus and the incursions cause the destruction of their Universe.

In the second hour , the fantastic four escape and enter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2025 .
After landing in the earth of the MCU sacred timeline , they all do some research where they are now , discovering about the existence of all the others heroes and heroines. Their original Universe being destroyed, they choose the MCU as the new Universe where they are living now and become the MCU fantastic four ,they discover also that they were not any version of Reed Richards, Sue Storm , Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm before them landing in the mcu earth , instead on this earth , the Dr. Franklin Storm and Nataniel Richards didn't have any child, what is normally Ben Grimm father on other earths didn't have any child on the MCU earth too.
The MCU version of Galactus make finally this appearance in the third act , this is a different version of the Galactus to the variant of the alternative universe .
The MCU Galactus threatening the MCU Earth, , the fantastic four must stop him so this Earth don't get destroyed like in their original earth.
They stop Galactus from eating Earth , the public of the
Mcu discover their existence and they also become famous superheros here. The MCU Galactus will have Norrin radd as the MCU Silver Surfer.

Post credit scene : we discover that the Doctor Doom of the alternate universe where these version of the Fantastic four were born also escaped and entered in the MCU Sacred timeline, he also had not other choices but to live in the MCU Earth too , becoming the MCU Doctor Doom.

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