My World war hulk pitch

Here’s how I could see them doing a world war hulk movie with incorporating multiverse in it. It’s somewhat messy and something I came up during walking.

Act 1

We see hulk and skarr doing some side mission on sakaar by which they come across some artifact which can be used for mutliversal travel when combined with his Time Machine. We then are introduced to maestro who is from an alternate reality. Due to Bruce or maestro or some other shenanigans smart hulk with his supporting cast of she hulk,skar,red she hulk and others could end up in maestro’s universe.

Act 2

We get the first maestro vs hulk fight and hulk loses easily. We also get a lot parallels with maestro and Bruce and how things could go bad if hulk had not been kept in check. Also we learn that Bruce has forcefully keeping hulk subdued within and they didn’t work together to merge like he told everyone.There is a lot of tension between hulk and Bruce plus with his dad’s abuse, she hulk could come in here since she actually knows about Bruce’s childhood which Bruce has mentally blocked. Kind of like what happens in Mr. Robot.

Act 3

Maestro with his forces(?) or alone learns about the multiverse and wants to conquer every earth like he did his. And makes his way to 616 main MCU and declares “world war hulk”. Maestro also hates our hulk/bruce due to him being so weak and not as ruthless as him and tries to hurt to him as much as he can by destroying his earth.

616 hulk some how makes up with Bruce and world breaker hulk is unleashed. And we get a bloody world breaker vs maestro fight, maestro dies but wins in a way by unleashing world breaker hulk on 616. WB hulk then starts destroying everything in his way and we get different powerhouses of mcu trying to stop him with sentry being the last one to end it in a draw by reverting hulk back to Bruce or by some other way.


The movie ends with a lot of tension on super powered individuals similar to civil war. Bruce forms the illuminati since super heroes are being hated in public. Bruce is also mentally traumatised by all the events which has happened making him paranoid. Also due to maestro spending time in 616 and Bruce spending time in maesto’s universe an incursion is triggered. This could be one of the first universe which the illuminati destroys to save theirs in a future project.

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