Peter Quill in IW/Endgame vs Thor 4/GOTG 3

In Infinity War both Rocket and Drax made a comment to Peter about him "putting on weight" so I feel like it could be plausible that in-between Endgame and Thor Love and Thunder, Peter worked his ass off to really get into shape, even working out with Thor. I say this because I'm sure that Chris' physique was different in Thor 4 and GOTG 3 than it was in IW and Endgame as he worked out heavily for his role as a Navy Seal in the Terminal List, so I think it'd be cool if that was made canon that he's more buff than he was in IW/Endgame by having someone comment about that, I don't know if that's lame or not but I'd find it cool if they did that.

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