Post secret wars reboot

I think they will go the way of rebooting the universe which will be a mix of post secret wars (2015) all new marvel and ultimate universe (both old and new).

That is basically it will be a new marvel universe with currently set in something like year 15 of their universe( if you set iron man set in as year one of mcu). So when we’ll the have first movie in the reboot universe avengers and other teams like young avengers will all be ready present from the get go and would have been active for a few years.

And as for the histories I don’t think they will be the exact same but instead similar. For example like how they skipped tom spidey’s origin in mcu since it’s more or less the same across different versions same will happen here but with the whole of mcu.

So it will be presented in a way the history will seem similar enough to the pre reboot mcu for the audience to follow but will be different enough for them not to be stuck creatively.

And for the legacy characters they will still exist just like in the 616 comics where you have multiple caps, wolverines, ghost riders running around. Best example is miles Spider-Man in 616 living along with Peter, even though he was originally going to be the replacement for Peter in his universe. So yea all these legacy characters will still exist and some might even be recast same as the OG characters.

So unironically marvel can have and eat their own cake so to say. With post secret wars universe still having all the legacy characters plus with the og characters recasted at the same time.

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