Quantumania kang is HWR

So, at the end of Ant man kang just gets kinda sucked away by that dimensional warp core, right? And we don’t really know what happened to him, nor do we know wich universe he who remains comes from. What if the warp thingy brought him to a place beyond time where he realized that he can’t be so direct about all that timeline purging and finds a way to escape from his prison. He returns to build a palace, a organization and kidnappes people from timelines he purges. With a nearly endless amount of employees he can secure that timelines stay purged. But then there are complications. Sylvie. Sylvie escapes her punishment and HWR realizes his plan isn’t perfect.
So he makes another elaborate plan to get himself killed, have his killer realize his death was planned, unkill him, be killed again, have the world tree be revived and his old self be trapped in the endless, timeless void again.
But here is the important part: this time something is different because of avengers deus-ex-machina and they save the day and everyone is happy.
Some things could be different. The endless void could also be the prune realm, maybe loki saves the day or everything i jut typed is just wrong. Who knows.

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