Questions about timelines, realms, realities and such in the MCU

So here is the question. And I am sure I will get a lot of flack for it. I have been following marvel comics for over 40 years and also have been watching the MCU from the beginning. Have seen every movie and ever show without fail at least 5 times. So I feel kind of dumb asking this. Maybe it's the brain injury I received in the war. But can someone please explain a few things to me. So I understand to a point different timelines, but they also use terms like dimensions ie the dimension spoken about in Ms Marvel, realms as in the quantum realm, there is also a realm in shang chi if I'm not mistaken, also Valhalla was spoken of, there are different realities, and universes. Basically break these all down. Does each universe have multiple timelines. Does every in verse have its own Valhalla as shown in thor like ve and thunder. Does each universe have its own quantum realm. Or is there just one quantum realm? Could there be let's say 50 different Heimdalls in the same Valhalla from different universes. How does all of this stuff work. Is there only one TVA that over looks all universes and timelines and realities. It's just gets confusing. I know others have said I just read to much into it. But It just doesn't quite make complete sense to me. They have basically established that all these terms are just used interchangeably when ever it fits the narrative. Almost like time travel. Between Ms Marvel, Endgame and Loki they have shown so many different ways that things work. It almost like they say these things and mean to explain them later at another time but they never end up doing that. So if anyone can take the time to explain all of this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance. And please try to explain as simply ass possible. Like I said, I actually was blown up with a bomb in the war almost 18 years ago or so so things sometimes just slip past me. But I do feel that I'm not the only one getting confus d and annoyed with all these damn terms. Please help me reddit. 🙏

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