Ridiculous pitch I heard: Dr. Strange in the Muppetverse of Madness

Pitch: Something that the Muppet franchise has done in the past and succeeded with every time is a muppet parody of another prominent pop culture movie, Pirates of the Carribean, A Christmas Charol, Wizard of Oz, Haunted Mansion and even Starwars! So why not do the same thing but with Marvel or more specifically the MCU?

Premise: The film would take place during the events of Spiderman No Way Home, Dr. Strange is casting a spell to make everyone forget that Peter Parker is Spiderman but during this process Ned Leeds interrupts them with his Limited-Edition copy of The Muppets disc signed by Jim Henson which distracts Dr. Strange and causes him to mess up the spell sending himself and Peter Parker into another universe, Ned is confused and notices Peter and Strange have disappeared. Peter Parker and Dr Strange come out of the basement of the Sanctum Sanatorium just to encounter a Muppet variant of Dr Strange known as Gonzo Strange. Dr. Strange and Peter Parker realize they have been pulled into the Muppetverse and ask Gonzo Strange for help to get them back into their home universe, Gonzo Strange agrees but only under the condition that they help defeat Thanos who has returned from the dead.

Avengers Roster

  • Spiderman: Kermit
  • Thor: Fozzie
  • Miss Piggy: Scarlet Witch
  • Dr Strange: Gonzo
  • Hulk: Beaker
  • Ironman: Bunsen
  • Captain America: Sam the Eagle
  • Vision: Scooter
  • Black Panther: Rizzo the Rat
  • Guardians of The Galaxy: Dr Teeth and Electric Mayhem

Thanos: Swedish Chef


  • Statler and Waldorf
  • Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch)
  • Peter Parker (Tom Holland)

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