Sam Wilson’s Avengers

With recent leaks of CA:4, it's been revealed that Ross wants Sam to revive the Avengers. If I'm fact he does do it here's my lineup.
Doctor Strange: An obvious choice. I would've put Wong, but with their roles swapping inverse it give Stephen more room to move around.
War Machine: Only if Rhodey isn't in retirement mode. I think both Sam and Rhodes would want to be there to support each other.
Hawkeye (Both): With Clint's seniority there not going to just leave him out of the mix; However, he will bring Kate Bishop along to slowly integrate her as replacement.
Star-Lord: This may seem a shocker, it may just be me, but I don't think Peter just went to earth to live a normal life. If in fact he's to take an extended residency, the government and world will seek him out.
Hulk(either): I'm not quite sure what they'll do with Bruce, if by time things play out he hasn't gone berserk then let's see him and keep Jen more down to earth. If not then Jen for sure.
Ant-Man and Wasp: I just feel like marvel isn't going to miss out on the opportunity to not use this in a larger scale this go round, especially following Quantumania. Perhaps, and hopefully we'll see more of Hope than Scott.
Thor: Don't know where they're headed with him, I'd imagine however that he won't abandon earth. Perhaps he'll take a backseat role to what's going on .
Photon/Captain Marvel: I'd rather see Monica in the Avengers and let Carol continue the Cosmic voyage. I doubt that'll happen in fullness, so maybe both at a shared capacity. When Carol off planet and Monica is doing Sword work.
Black Panther (Shuri): This is both because of Sam's ties with T'Challa and Shuri which will push Sam to request her. Also, we need an actual think tank on the team. We have Stephen, Bruce, Hope, and Monica, but they don't give Tony Stark vibes.
Lastly we have Shang-Chi: I'd honestly almost forgot about him, but with the word floating through the super conversations Shang-Chi will be in radar by time the Avengers resurface.

This was something off the dome, but now that I look at it this is the perfect line-up, give or take in modern MCU timeline. I'm buzzed right now so forgive any typos, and let me know what you think. Who I left out, who you add or replace, etc etc.

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