Secret characters in Thunderbolts

So before the Thunderbolts roster was officially revealed, a lot of people assumed that characters like Baron Zemo, Abomination, and/or Red Hulk would be involved (for obvious reasons, given the characters' association with the team in the comics and the characters all being currently active in the MCU. Particularly considering that Thunderbolts is basically a sequel to both FatWS and Black Widow.

However, I think there's still a good chance that at least one, if not a couple, of these characters will have a small role in the movie and are being kept under wraps.

A few ideas I wanted to toss out there:
1. Baron Zemo is doing his typical puppet master thing in the background and he engineers the circumstances that causes Sentry to snap, triggering the Void, perhaps in an attempt to wipe out the Thunderbolts since he can't go toe to toe with them himself. I mean his whole thing is trying to eliminate super soldiers from the face of the Earth and there's an entire team full of them, is he really going to just let that stand?

  1. Despite the obvious name connection, it could be considered a spoiler to acknowledge that Ross is involved in the movie, especially depending on what happens in Cap 4. If the rumors of Ross "dying" (and permanently staying in Red Hulk since Ford is very old) in Cap 4 are true, then obviously they wouldn't want to say he's in Thunderbolts at this point in time.

  2. Valentina no doubt is keeping tabs on Blonsky and he would make an ideal recruit given that he has super soldier serum, he's no longer in jail, and he's currently in more of a morally gray area like the rest of the team (as opposed to a straight up villain). Perhaps they call Abomination in as a surprise heavy during the final act to fight Sentry, either solo or tag-teaming with Red Hulk. Sentry is so powerful that it feels like the team needs some kind of ace in the hole to keep an even playing field.

I'm curious what you all think of this? What are the odds that at least one of these three characters has some presence in the movie that they are just obfuscating for now?

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