So was Lizard Kang a lizardman inventor in lizard Victorian times?

The tease of Victor Timely was setting up a mystery that I feel wasn't explained properly. Who was Victor Timely? Why is Victor Timely the same guy with trillions of unstoppable dictator variants who won the time war and ruled over all of time? IS it the same guy? Is it a future dictator hiding in the past somehow? Or a clone, ancestor using the same actor, an unrelated coincidence, an android in disguise – it could be anything!

After seeing Loki Season 2 I think that Victor Timely is just some guy from victorian times, maybe a slightly above-average intelligence inventor. Maybe with some insights into the true nature of chroniton particles or how to draw energy out of time itself, but then that machine turned out to be a fake so maybe he's just a scam artist? Victor T-t-t-timely having the stammer but not He Who Remains made me think it was an act so people would underestimate him. So maybe he IS a genius with extra insight into the true nature of time? He keeps stammering even in the TVA building/realm so either its not an act or he's still faking the stammer to trick Loki?

Later we see that Victor Timely is the centre of a predestination paradox. Miss Minutes gives young Victor Timely the TVA manual because old Victor Timely programmed her to do it, also he wrote the book so it's two paradoxes in one. So why Victor Timely? In all the infinite variety of millions of timelines of the entire universe the smartest guy is some random poor kid from Victorian times? Not some rich alien on the far side of the cosmos who lives for 10,000 years and has had millions of expert tutors schooling him on quantum mechanics from day 1? Is Victor Timely supposed to be such an impossibly smart hypergenius that he can teach himself all of future-science in an era before we even knew atoms had nuclei? Or is he just some random guy with 'time' in his name that was given the TVA manual to distract Loki as part of some larger plot that didn't work?

So what happens in the other timelines? Are all the Kangs Victor Timely? Was Blue Kang a poor orphan kid teaching himself electronics in Blue Victorian times? Did Pharaoh Kang pitch a fake time-engine to a crowd of Victorian Egyptians? Was he faking the stammer like he faked the machine?

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